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Ladan Counselling and Consulting


These core values are the  guiding principles in my life and my practice:


I accept people for who they are, where they are at, and the decisions and choices they make for their lives. I believe that people can build trust and feel safe to share their stories with another person  when they feel accepted for who they are and free of any judgements about them and/or their life choices. I hold this value very dear to my work with clients, and I strive to ensure my clients feel accepted and safe. 


I believe that authenticity is essential in building trust in any relationship, especially in a therapeutic relationship. I have great respect for people who walk their talk. Therefore, in my practice, my words and actions reflect my values and beliefs.


I offer my presence with the people I work with to listen to their stories and provide a safe space to talk, feel heard and seen, respected and valued. 


At times when we are struggling in our lives we may feel hopeless. I work to empower you to take more control over your life and the problems influencing it.


I will be by your side to help and support you throughout our work together and provide you with the support you need to deal with problems in your life to make the desirable changes.