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Ladan Counselling and Consulting

Background &Areas of Specialties:

My journey to become a counsellor started at Simon Fraser University. I received a Bachelor’s Degree at SFU and then took a year off to do volunteer work at Vancouver Crisis Line. While volunteering at Vancouver Crisis Line, I applied at City University of Seattle where I received a Masters in Counselling Psychology and became a Registered Clinical Counsellor in 2012. I completed my internship at the Fraser Youth Day Treatment Program, where I worked with youth who were diagnosed with a wide variety of mental illnesses, providing emotional, interpersonal, and educational support.


In the first year of my graduate studies I was introduced to Narrative Therapy. Since then, I have received further training in the area of Narrative Therapy, and this is the main approach that I use in working with my clients. It is my belief that we create stories about our lives, and that some of these stories negatively affect and shape our lives and relationships.  Using the narrative therapy approach, I offer a safe space in which to explore and examine these stories and the influence they have over our lives, in order to re-author a new and more preferred story .


I provide counselling and consulting services in English or Farsi for adult individuals, couples and families of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations.

My areas of specialities are

  • anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, shame, anger
  • suicidal ideation and  self-harm behaviour
  • issues relating to sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity
  • discrimination, homophobia, transphobia
  • trauma, abuse, domestic violence
  • relationships and marital issues, separation
  • parenting issues and struggles